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The cultural landscape of the classroom is rapidly changing. Schools in America are experiencing a surge in ethnic and racial diversity. Now a tapestry of cultures, the classroom is fertile ground for multicultural materials that can increase cultural competency and increase racial harmony. As a bonus, teachers who pack their bookshelves with multicultural literature may  move each student toward a “multi-culturally literate” mind-set. 

Although the U.S. Department of Education makes the genre optional, the concerted effort to increase multicultural literature in schools bespeaks an ABAR (Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist) school spirit. Ultimately, that is what every school should aspire to achieve.

Especially in these racially turbulent times met with protests, rallies, and insurrections, leaving a trail of important hashtags and memes in their wake, parents have more influence now than ever before. Consider this: by the year 2050, ethnic minority children will make up the majority of the United States public school classrooms. This statistic is in direct contrast to the teaching population, which is 87% white females. 

In the effort to address multicultural issues in the classroom, The National Association for Multicultural Education (2018), set standards for multicultural education. Establishing a school staff that is culturally competent, and to the greatest extent possible racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse, is the premier standard. --R.A.S.

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